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Rules of procedure



Art 1 : Conditions of admission
To enter the campsite, set up your material and stay, you must first be authorised to do so by the campsite management, or his representative. His duty is to see that the campsite is well kept and that is runs smoothly, as well as making sure that these internal regulations are respected.
Staying on the campsite implies that you accept and abide by the contents of the present internal regulations.
Cannot be admitted onto the campsite as a tourist, any person who uses their tent, vehicle or caravan as their main residence (even on a temporary basis).
Nobody can use the campsite as their main residence. ( Art 2, 11.01.93 law)
Admittance is strictly forbidden to : salespersons, hawkers, door to door sales persdons, beggars or fun raisers. Any religious or political gatherings are stictly forbidden.

Art 2 : Legal formalities

Any person wishing to stay at least one night on the campsite must firstly present an identity card, a passeport or an international camping carnet to management or his representative and fulfil any police formalities that may be required.
Unaccompanied minors are not admitted.

Art 3 : Installations

The tent, caravan or any other equipment should be installed on the pitch autorised by management or his representative.

Art 4 : Reception 
Open from:
Out season 9h-20h
July- august 9h-21h
At the reception you will find all the necessary information on the services provided by campsite, possibilities of shopping, sport facilities, tourist attractions in the area, usefull adresses.
Suggestions and constructive criticism can be handed in at reception. These will only be taken into consideration if they are signed, dated, relate to recent evens and are clear and explicit.

Art 5 : Fees/payment
Fees are to be paid before at the reception during office hours only. the price list is posted at the campsite entrance and at reception. Fees are paid in accordance with the number of nights to spend on the site. Departure time is before 12 noon, 10 for the renting.
The stay is paying beforehands.Campers must notify reception on they arrival the day they wish to leave.
Should you wish to leave before reception opens, please inform the reception the day before.

Art 6 : A.Noise and silence
Campers are requested to avoid being noisy and having loud conversations which could disturb neighbouring campers.
Radio, cassettes, television etc., should be kept at the lowest possible volome. Car doors and car boots should be closed as quietly as possible, never slammed.
Complete silence is required between 22h to 8h. The air conditioning must be switched off between 22h to 8h.
B. Animals: Admitted out season only
Animals are not accepted on the campsite unless authorised to do so by management. Dogs should be kept on the leash and should never be left unattended on the campsite, but be taken out of the campsite for such purposes.
Animals are forbidden in the mobilhome.
An insurrance certificate should be presented to campsite management showing that your pets are covered in the event of an accident or damaged caused by them.
According to the french law (22 january 1985) a vaccination certificate and tattoo/microchip identification certificate should be shown at the reception. the animal shoul wear a collar with the name and address of the owner written on it and owners should clean up any mess made by their pet (Law N° 99.5 of the 6th january 1999)
Access to dogs in categories 1 and 2 is strictly forbidden on the campsite.
Article 211 stipulates thet should a dangerous dog be present on site, the local authorities will be called in.

Art 7 : Visitors
After having been authorised to enter the premises by management or his representative, visitors can have access to the campsite solely under the responsability of the campers inviting them, between 9 am to 7 pm.
The camper may receive one or more visitors at the reception. If these visitors are accepted on the campsite, the camper who invited them are financially responsible for them and should pay the tax in vigour. prices are posted at the entrance and at reception.
Visitor’s cars do not have access to the campsite.
Visitors are not admitted at the swimming pool.

Art 8 : Traffic movement and parking of vehicles
On the campsite, vehicles should be driven at a max speed of 10 km per hour.
No vehicles are allowed to circulate between 0h to 8h.
Only vehicles belonging to campers staying on the campsite are allowed to circulate on the campsite. It is strictly forbidden to park on neighbouring pitches and vehicle should not block any passageway or hinder new campers setting up camp.

Art 9 : Hygiene and behaviour
Each person shoul refrain from committing any act whatever that would cause prejudice to the cleanliness, hygiene and general aspect of the campsite.
It is forbidden to throw wastewater in the gutters. It is forbidden to wash vehicle caravan or tent on the camping.
Caravan and camping carists should imperatively empty their wastewater in the adequate places provided for that purpose.
Rubbish, waste of any kind, paper etc. sould be put in the bins.
Each person should refrain from any act that could cause prejudice to the cleanliness, hygiene and general aspect of the campsite and the equipment, especially the sanitary installations.
Clothes and dish washing must be done solely in the basins provided for that purpose.
Plant and floral decorations should be respected. It is absolutely forbidden to drive nais into the trees or cut the branches.
It is not permitted to put up fences or any other kind of barrier, nor is it permitted to dig trenches.
Any destruction caused to vegetation or fences will have to be paid for by its author.
The pitches occupied by the camper should be left as he found it upon his arrival.

Art 10 : Security
A. Fire:
Open fires barbecue (wood, charcoal, etc) are strictly forbidden, gas cookers or strict lamps should be kept in perfect working order and never used in dangerous situations. Should a fire break out immediately inform reception.
Extinguishers should be used if required. There is a first aid kit at reception. An air-raid siren is in the center of the camping in the toilet block.
B. Theft:
Management is not responsible for objects deposited at reception. Management’s responsability is to check the campsite in general; the camper is responsible for his personal belongings and should report any suspicious behavior immediately to reception.
Despite the fact that the campsite is guarded, campers are invited to look after their own personal belongings and equipment.

Art 11 : Games
No violent games, or games which are liable to disturb neighbours, can be organised near the pitches.
The TV lounge cannot be used for boisterous games.
Children are always the responsability of their parents and should be under their surveillance at all time.

Art 12 : Caravan storage
No caravans or any other material belong to campers can be left on site unoccupied.

Art 13 : Notice board
These interior regulations are posted at the site entrance, at the reception and on our web site. A copy can be obtained on demand.

Art 14 : Violation of the internal Regulations
Should a camper disturb the tranquillity of the other campers, or not respect the present internal conditions, or his representative, can orally, or in writing, if considered necessary, formally notify the client that he must stop any disturbing behaviour or immediately leave the campsite.
In case of serious or repeated disruption, and the camper having been formally notified any existing contract for residential pitches cuold be annulled.
In case of illegal behaviour the manager can call the police to evict offenders.

Art 15 : Swimming pool
Not watched bathing. The minors must be accompanied by stheir parents. The swimming pool is only reserved for campers. The management declines any responsability in the event of an accident. Admitted visitors.
Shirts of baths compulsory, boxer shorts prohibitions